Members Present:

Bob Haarman, Tom Hintz, Dave Sabyan,   JoAnn Luxford, Doug Rhode, Bonnie Fairchild, Gordy Jacobson

Member Absent:

Roger Olson

Call Meeting to Order:

Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, President Bob Haarman called the meeting of ELRA to order at 6:35 p.m.

Consider Agenda:


May Newsletter

Payment to LARA

New Business:


Consider 1/18 Minutes:

Gordy Jacobson made a motion to approve the minutes and Dave Sabyan seconded. The Board approved the motion unanimously.


Results of January membership renewal letter:

Bonnie Fairchild reported that we have ninety-six paid members. That number is down from one hundred and fifteen in 2005.

There was discussion on having a garage sale in an effort to promote membership. No action was taken.  

May Newsletter:

 The following articles will be submitted to Kris Bergstrom:

Volunteers for Healthy Landscaping and Shoreline grant money. (Bonnie Fairchild)

Robert’s Report (Bob Haarman)

Personal watercraft (JoAnn Luxford)

Kirk Smith’s Notes from the Boathouse (Bonnie Fairchild will edit for space constraints)

Website (Darlene Wieseler)

Water quality numbers (Bonnie Fairchild)

Walleye stocking/now and future (Doug Rhode)  

LARA Dues:

Dave Sabean made a motion to pay the invoice for dues to the Crow Wing County Lakes and Rivers Association; it was seconded by JoAnn Luxford and passed unanimously by the Board. 

Old Business:

Tire Removal:

Bob Haarman reported that there might be grant dollars that ELRA could apply for next fall.


Booth for Emily Days:

Bonnie will contact RALLA (Roosevelt and Larwence Lake Association).   If they plan to have a booth, our Board and volunteers from Healthy Landscaping will participate.

Riprap Policy Statement:

A motion was made by Gordy Jacobson and seconded by Bonnie Fairchild to amend the position to state that permission to use riprap must be granted by the Emily Planning and Zoning Board rather than currently citing the Crow Wing Soil and Water Conservation District.

Board Appointment:

Bob Haarman will contact the owners of the Emily Resort in an effort to assess any interest one of them may have in becoming a Board member.

Simplified Letter of City Ordinances:

By consensus the Board agreed that the letter as drafted by Community Growth would be sent to the City Council as well as all Emily City landowners.

Wish List for the Lake Management Plan:

Bob Haarman presented a summary outlining the actions that were developed by the LMP steering committee.

There was discussion on recommending the City of Emily adopt a portion of the State Shoreline Ordinances under consideration that would allow portions of a lake to be designated protected versus general development rather than the entire lake receiving either designation. This would allow an environmental designation for sensitive areas for fish and wildlife.

By consensus the Board approved Bonnie Fairchild’s suggestion that she obtain more information from the Planning and Zoning Board and then proceed.

Lake Mary Fish Stocking:     

Gordy Jacobson made a motion that the Board commits to purchasing 126 pounds of walleye fingerlings. The estimated $1,200 needed to fund this endeavor would be a combination of Association funds, donations, and possible grant funds.

Tom Hintz seconded the motion and the Board passed it unanimously.  

Next Meeting Date:

By consensus the next meeting date was established.   Wednesday, May 17 th at 6:30 at the Emily City Hall.


At 8:10 pm Doug Rhode made a motion to adjourn. The motion was seconded by Tom Hintz and passed unanimously by the Board.

Respectfully submitted,

JoAnn Luxford, Secretary