Saturday September 8th, 2007 at Emily City Hall

Members Present:

Tom Hintz,   JoAnn Luxford, Bob Haarman, Roger Olson, Gordy Jacobson & John Bergstrom

Members Absent:

Ken Scribner, Bonnie Fairchild & Ellen Benson

Also Present:

Doug Rhode

Call Meeting to Order:

Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, Vice President bob Haarman called the meeting of ELRA to order at 8:05 a.m.

Consider Agenda:

There were no additions to the agenda

Consider June 30 th and August 4 th   Minutes:

The June 30th minutes were reviewed. Roger Olson made a motion to approve the minutes and JoAnn Luxford seconded. The Board approved the motion unanimously.

Bob Haarman will obtain the August 4 th minutes from Ken Scribner.

Doug Rhode:

Doug reported on the results of the Water shed alliance survey. They had a 30% response rate. The biggest concern voiced regarded development.

November 9 th is the deadline for the presentation of the DNR program.

Doug urged ELRA to send a letter to the City of Emily asking for their support.  

Old Business:

No wake zone:

Although the no wake signs are in place they are not currently enforceable. Roger Olson will continue to attempt to contact someone in authority.

Erosion Concerns/Purple Loosestrife:

Bob Haarman had copies of the permit to treat/control aquatic plants.

Bob had also given copies to Ron Dick who will distribute to the residents on the South shore of Lake Emily.

They were further discussion as to the best time of year to spray. Ken Scribner will need to contact Ron.

New Business:

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer Tom Hintz reported the following balances:

Checking: $3,234.40     Savings: $1,695.38

JoAnn Luxford made a motion to accept the report; it was seconded by Gordy Jacobson and passed unanimously by the Board.

Tom suggested that we begin to disperse some of these funds for attendance at various conferences. Gordy Jacobson made a motion to send two ELRA members to the MN Water Conference at a cost of up to $300.00 each. Bob Haarman seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Ratify Election Results:

Gordy Jacobson made a motion to ratify. JoAnn Luxford seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

 Bank Signatures:

Gordy Jacobson made a motion to approve Ken Scribner for bank signatures. Bob Haarman seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

2008 Officers:

Tabled until the October meeting.


Board members were encouraged to give some thought to this project prior to the October meeting.

Fall/Winter Newsletter:

Tabled until the October meeting.

ELRA Website:

This will need to be discussed at the October meeting.

Next Meeting Date:

 By consensus the Board agreed that the next meeting would be held at 9:00am on Saturday, October 27 th at the Emily City Hall.


At 9:06 Tom Hintz made a motion to adjourn. The motion was seconded by Roger Olson and approved unanimously by the Board.

Respectfully submitted,

JoAnn Luxford, Secretary